Shareable Boards

Social media, UX: Writing & Design (B2C)

Verticals: Food & Beverage

What I did

Short-form: Social media adverts and web landing pages

Website: Content, copy, and design

User experience (UX): Writing and design


I played a pivotal role in aligning social media content and website design with Shareable Boards’ brand identity. By maintaining consistency across all platforms, I established a strong and recognizable brand presence that instilled a consistent tone of voice.

I continuously monitored and analyzed social media performance and website metrics. This allowed me to make informed decisions, optimize content strategies, and fine-tune design elements for maximum impact.


“Jordan was great and professional to work with. He brought my brand, Shareable Boards, to life online. Jordan gave Shareable Boards a voice online by creating all the copy and building my website. He took the time to understand the value and meaning of my brand. I highly recommend Jordan for your project.” — Jennifer

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